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In Discussion With: Jim Kerr

Following the release of their debut single “Life in a Day” in 1978, Simple Minds kicked off one of the most enduring careers in rock. Things really took off for the band in 1985, when they recorded “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” for The Breakfast Club soundtrack, igniting the American charts and leading them toContinue reading “In Discussion With: Jim Kerr”

Jodie Whittaker to leave Doctor Who next year

This report was published on The Indiependent, find it here. Following months of speculation and rumours around the internet, it’s official—Jodie Whittaker is leaving Doctor Who.  Announced by the BBC on Thursday, Whittaker will depart in Autumn 2022 after the highly-anticipated thirteenth season later this year and the 3 special episodes set to follow it. WhittakerContinue reading “Jodie Whittaker to leave Doctor Who next year”

Movie Reviews: Run, Promising Young Woman, Zach Snyder’s Justice League

These reviews were featured in the May issue of NE Volume Magazine. Run Run is another jewel in the crown of stellar Sarah Paulson performances, as she plays a mysterious mother who devotes her life to looking after her seriously ill child. With just a 90-minute runtime, Run wastes no time setting up its premiseContinue reading “Movie Reviews: Run, Promising Young Woman, Zach Snyder’s Justice League”


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