Ben Wilkinson, BJTC-accredited multimedia journalist, videographer and marketer

I have experience and areas of expertise in writing sectors including music, lifestyle, entertainment and fashion. As well as versatile writing skills, I’m experienced in video production for e-commerce & social media marketing.

I’m enthusiastic about all things arts, music and entertainment – this tends to be what my work primarily revolves around. I love working across all forms of multimedia, whether it be print, video or digital – basically, if it’s creative, I’m in!

Content Reviews

E-Commerce video production

Magazine Design

Social Media Content Creation

Feature Articles

Social Media Marketing

Below is a list of academic courses I took during my studies in Media Production: Journalism BA (Hons) at York St John University.

  • 3MD010: Journalism in Practice
  • 3MD002: Magazine Production
  • 2MD003: Media Law and Public Affairs
  • 2MD007: Professional Practice
  • 1MD006: Reporting (News and Features)
  • 3MD012: Professional Portfolio for Journalists
  • 2CP200: Convergence Cultures
  • 1MD008: Applied Production Skills
  • 2MD002: Newsdays (Radio and Online)
  • 3MD012: Professional Portfolio for Journalists
  • 1MD005: Media Production Skills
  • 2MD006: Newdays (TV and Online)
  • 3MD007: Research Project
  • 1MD001: Introduction to Media
  • 3MD001: Final Project

Below is a list of academic courses I’m currently undertaking as part of my studies in MA Digital Video Production & Marketing at University of Salford.

  • Digital Marketing Analytics and Strategy
  • Social and Advertising Video Production
  • Creation of Video for E-Commerce
  • Search & Social Media Marketing