The best music of 2018

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As new year sets in, we looked back at 2018 and selected the very best music had to offer – here are our picks! Check them all out on Apple Music.

Zayn – Icarus Falls

If a 27-track album hasn’t got a single skip, surely that makes it something special, right? Zayn’s 2018 sophomore album Icarus Falls is exactly that, consisting of a hefty 27 songs – but they deliver, varying from pop/R&B to rock genres. The album presents a full spectrum of emotions, luxuriating in its capacity to be relatable. The record is neatly divided into two halves, both exquisitely crafted – neatly separated by the ghostly title track. The eagerly anticipated follow-up gave us everything we wanted and much, much more.

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Credit: Zayn via Instagram

Sweetener – Ariana Grande

On her fourth album to date, Ariana proved she wasn’t afraid of experimentation and side-stepped into Sweetener. The record brings a new EDM infused sound and parades Grande’s maturity and growth, being her first release since 2017’s bombing at her Manchester concert. “God is a woman” oozes sensual lyrical content and dreamy vocals, while “The light is coming” is a glitchy, thumping dance record that marks itself as one of her most adventurous tracks. Along with the rest of the unusual tracks, Sweetener is a standout of 2018.

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Credit: Ariana Grande on Instagram

Charli XCX – Monthly drops

Charli XCX made 4 single drops this year. The tracks follow the release of her revolutionary mixtape Pop 2 last November and establish a fresh tone for her new era of music. The songs include the trap-induced “5 in the morning”, an eagerly anticipated double single in the form of “Focus/No Angel”, female anthem “Girls Night Out”, and the global hit “1999” featuring Troye Sivan. For an artist that has been crucially underrated during her career, 2018 was the year Charli reintroduced herself and geared for world domination.

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Credit: Mark Jacobs

Bebe Rexha- Expectations

Although she released two EP’s in 2017, Expectations is Bebe Rexha’s debut studio album. After years of crafting hits for artists including Rihanna, Tinashe and Iggy Azalea, Bebe finally released her own collection of tracks in 2018. The album adopts a mix of sounds and rhythms, graceful ballads and potential hits, with dominant song writing about personal problems, issues & relationships. With relatable lyrical content, on-point production, gorgeous instrumentals and not to forget the incredible vocals from Bebe Rexha, the album exceeded our expectations.

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Credit: Fanart TV

Joyride – Tinashe

After a lengthy wait, in 2018 Tinashe unleashed her epic sophomore album Joyride, that served as a dark, experimental pop-R&B statement. It includes the velvety, trap-infused banger “No Drama” as the lead single, and the synth heavy and club-ready hit “Faded Love”, as well as some new bulletproof bops and gorgeous understated ballads that allow her personality and emotion to shine through. Ultimately, Joyride is a breezy, summer-primed and forward-thinking album that ultimately lives up to its name.

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Credit: Dennis Leupold / RCA

What were your faves from 2018?