New Music Round-Up: 04/12/20

Welcome to December! As we prepare to bid farewell to 2020, we’ve been treated to a surprise new track from Britney Spears, a mega new remix to a Mariah Christmas classic and a fresh song from alt-pop star Maggie Lindemann. Take a seat and make yourself a brew, we’ve got plenty of new music to keep you distracted. 

Britney Spears – Swimming In The Stars

Britney Spears via YouTube

Rating: 4 out of 5.

After dropping “Mood Ring” – a song cut from her 2016 album Glory – this summer, no-one was sure where Britney Spears was going next. It seems, however, that she’s continuing to release tracks that didn’t make the final cut for Glory (as a treat to fans, perhaps), releasing “Swimming In The Stars” this week. The subtle, atmospheric tune showcases a softer, calmer side to Britney that may have been nice to hear on the original album. The production on the song is exquisite, along with a strong vocal performance from Britney that leaves us craving more.

Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson – Oh Santa!

Mariah Carey via YouTube

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What’s better than Mariah Carey at Christmas? Nothing! So throw Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson into the mix, and you’re guaranteed to have a winner on your hands. “Oh Santa!” is taken from Mariah’s new AppleTV+ special, Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special and sees the three icons team up for a festive explosion of a song (in other words, it’s a christmas banger). The catchy hook, harmonised whistle notes and delicious blend of all three voices give us everything we could possibly want from this epic team-up. I’ll bet in a few years, “Oh Santa!” could find itself working towards the success of “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.

Maggie Lindemann – Loner

Maggie Lindemann via YouTube

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Maggie Lindemann’s final single before the release of her debut EP Paranoia serves its purpose perfectly – getting us hyped for the release. The song blends soft vocals with heavy, boasting production, a perfect showcase of how Lindemann can successfully combine the strong and the subtle. Lyrically, she relishes in loneliness, “I’m a loner, but I like it that way”, learning to be comfortable in her own company and somewhat preferring it. The chorus has a serious rock lean and is destined to have the whole room head-banging when the 22-year-old can eventually tour again. Paranoia will be released on 22nd January 2021.

Which new releases are you bumping this week? Let us know!

Featured image credit: Maggie Lindemann via Twitter

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