In Discussion With: HEX

Four years ago, UK singer/rapper HEX embarked on his major-label music career after signing with Parlophone Records. Since then, he’s toured the country, released more than a dozen bangers and racked up over 13 million streams on Spotify. First thing’s first, how did the name HEX come about?  I’ve always been interested in different thingsContinue reading “In Discussion With: HEX”

A Definitive Ranking of Charli XCX’s Music Videos

Pop pioneer Charli XCX has been bigger and brasher than ever in 2022, as she changed gears and entered the Crash era in full throttle. As she release the music video for her latest single, “Used To Know Me”, I thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to look back through the pop powerhouse’s visual catalogueContinue reading “A Definitive Ranking of Charli XCX’s Music Videos”