Four artists that are seriously underrated

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Wake up, everyone

In today’s saturated music industry, many phenomenal artists fly under the commercial radar. Here are some artists we think need to get the recognition they deserve!

Kim Petras

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Credit: Alyssa Young

Kim Petras is a singer/songwriter who was raised in Germany, aspired to be the world’s next pop megastar. Undergoing gender transition at a young age, Kim attracted large media coverage – using it all to talk about her musical aspirations. Fast forward to 2019 and she’s living her dream, having released a collection of 12 singles culminating in a virtual album, a Halloween-themed EP full of bops, music videos starring Paris Hilton and heading off on tour with Troye Sivan. The upcoming star is through-and-through unapologetically pop, with themes touching on heartbreak, sex and vulnerability.

Terror Jr

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Credit: Atlantic Records

Pop duo Terror Jr formed in 2016 and shot into the limelight when their debut single Three Strikes was featured on Kylie Jenner’s first make-up campaign advert. Although seemingly fizzling out, they’ve actually been releasing music ever since – and its really good! Following rumors that Kylie Jenner herself was actually a member, the band have had almost 3 years to define themselves, and their debut album Unfortunately, Terror Jr, defines them as something larger than pop as we know it. Their music is a bubble-gum ode to modern culture, but a brand-new take on pop music. With blunt political statements and melancholiac messages, Terror Jr’s social awareness is beyond pop music you hear on the radio.

Nina Nesbitt

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Credit: Wolf James

Perhaps a more well-known name, Nina Nesbitt is a Scottish singer-songwriter who garnered minor success early in her career when she had 2 top 40 singles and a number 1 album in Scotland. Ever since, she’s been rather quiet. She began teasing her delayed second album starting mid-2017, releasing singles from the record every few months following. Her sophomore album The Sun Will Come Up, the Seasons Will Change was finally released in February 2019, filled of sad bangers and is Nesbitt’s self-confessed dream album. She doesn’t shy away from singing about feelings we all have but are scared to speak of (unrequited love, confusion of the world around us, not feeling enough for someone, etc.) and with that honesty, she’s been able to create an album that will withstand the test of time.


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Credit: Dennis Leupold / RCA

Tinashe shot to fame as a child actor on popular TV shows including Two and a Half Men and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Deciding she wanted to pursue a career in music, the star formed a group with popular artist Hayley Kiyoko. After a successful run, they split, and Tinashe released her first solo mixtape in 2012. Following positive reactions, she was signed to major record label RCA and has since released critically acclaimed debut album Aquarius, dark mixtape Nightride and her long overdue sophomore album Joyride. Her music leans toward R&B/trap, but she manages to keep a pop twinge in most of her tracks, with her incredible dancing ability making her an all round superstar.

Who knows, you could find your new favourite artist here. Now go stream!