Maggie Lindemann: A new era of rock

American songstress Maggie Lindemann is turning heads and flipping the script on expectations of herself and her artistry.

Emerging as a breakout pop-star in 2017, Maggie Lindemann shot to fame as her collaboration with popular DJ Cheat Codes, “Pretty Girl” took the charts by storm and propelled her to the forefront of the pop industry. After that, however, things went a little quiet. Some staggered single releases over the next couple years that had little to no impact looked to leave Lindemann’s legacy as that of a ‘one-hit wonder’. 

Surprisingly, in August 2020 she dropped her first single in over a year, “Knife Under My Pillow”, whilst completely rebranding herself in the process. The song itself was a complete tonal shift for Maggie, embracing a punk and rock sound that draws likeness to Paramore and Avril Lavigne. Lyrically, she is blatantly honest about her anxieties and insecurities, leaving a lasting impression on listeners and leaving fans craving more.

Credit: Maggie Lindemann via YouTube

Maggie eventually went on to announce her debut EP Paranoia – two years in the making – was slated for release in January 2021, and what came was nothing short of an alt-pop/rock masterpiece. The project is bolder, louder and edgier than anyone was expecting. Comprised of eight electrifying tracks, you can really see Maggie’s artistic growth and evolution into a darker, more serious artist, that won’t be releasing bubblegum pop songs anytime soon. 

The extended play offers some incredible tracks; “Crash and Burn” holds nothing back and is a  head-banging anthem, pulsing with adrenaline and attitude as we hear Maggie talk about a relationship being left for dead. “Loner” sees her relish in isolation over a hard-hitting chorus that won’t stop looping in your brain for the foreseeable, and is a definite standout from the EP. Things take a slower approach on acoustic track “Love Songs”, as Maggie gets intimate and takes us to her safe space, offering some great sentiments. One of the final songs, “Different” combines light and smooth melodies with rhythm and beats that pack a punch, reminding us how well she can combine the strong and the subtle. 

Credit: Brandon Arreaga

In the end, Paranoia more than lives up to its hype and surpasses expectations, cementing Lindemann as an alt-pop/rock artist to watch, creating her own fiery pop punk world that you just have to be a part of. At its core, the record is a coming of age, a fierce one at that. All things considered, it’s evident that Maggie Lindemann is blazing her own trail. 

Paranoia is available to download and stream now.

This story was published in HotShot magazine & is available online here.