What You Should Be Watching On Disney+ Star

After an incredibly successful launch last year, Disney+ has been the go-to for Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars titles – and we’re about to be given a whole lot more. Launching today, Disney+ Star is an add-on service offering hundreds of feature films and series from Disney-owned properties such FX, ABC and 20th Century Studios, as well as brand new originals to watch on-demand. 
Although we’re sure you’ll get through it all eventually, here’s some hand-picked selections of the best movies and TV shows to watch on Disney+ Star right now:

Ugly Betty

Running for four incredible seasons, 2006 comedy-drama Ugly Betty follows hard-working city girl Betty Suarez (America Ferrera) as she struggles to make her mark in the fashion publishing business because she doesn’t meet traditional beauty standards. After getting hired at the prestigious MODE magazine on a fluke, Betty finally gets her chance to live her dream – even if it doesn’t pan out as she imagined. Ugly Betty had a huge cultural impact in showcasing Hispanic and LGBT+ stories, and is definitely worth a revisit today.

The Shape Of Water

Guillermo del Toro’s 2017 Academy Award winner The Shape Of Water follows lonely janitor Elisa (Sally Hawkins) as she discovers a remarkable, outlandish creature hidden within the research facility at which she works. With the help of Octavia Spencer’s Zelda, she manages to free the creature and the two develop a unique, intimate relationship. The outstanding performances, heartfelt story and stunning visuals make this an emotional spectacle that shouldn’t be missed.

Love, Victor

Following the success of 2019’s groundbreaking Love, Simon, this TV spin-off set in the same world follows Victor Salazar (Michael Simino), a high-schooler on his own journey of self-discovery as he struggles with problems at home, moving schools and exploring his own sexuality. Nick Robinson, who starred as Simon in the original film also makes an appearance.

Modern Family

Mockumentary-style sitcom Modern Family follows three families in Los Angeles, each thoroughly different, interrelated through Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill). As the name suggests, the show’s episodes comedically represent situations modern-day families typically face in real life. With 11 seasons on offer, there’s plenty here for you to binge your nights away.

Desperate Housewives

Cult classic Desperate Housewives follows the close-knit residents of the iconic Wisteria Lane as they make their way through lives of crime, mystery and deceit. After tragedy strikes in the neighbourhood, the ladies lives are changed forever, turning the seemingly perfect residence into a place of secrets, scandals and murder. With a stellar ensemble cast of Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross, there’s no mistaking why the soap-style, award-winning drama was so beloved.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Packed with Bond-style action sequences, likeable characters and uniquely-motivated villains, Kingsman: The Secret Service revitalizes the spy genre in a stylish and comedic. The comedy-thriller follows Eggsy (Taron Egeeton) as he’s recruited to a secret spy agency to help stop Richard Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson), an eco-terrorist. If you’re looking for an action-packed laugh, here it is. 

Scream Queens

Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens is a fun, campy, horror-comedy series, which has built up quite the cult following since its original run in 2015. Although cancelled after its second season, rumours of the show being revived are still rife to this day. Boasting a high-profile cast of stars including Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee-Curtis and Ariana Grande, Scream Queensis the perfect choice if you’re after an enjoyable murder-mystery romp.

You can subscribe to Disney+, including Star, for £7.99 a month, and £79.90 annually. 
If you are an existing Disney+ customer, you’ll continue to pay £5.99 a month until August 22, 2021 – after this date, the price will increase to £7.99.
With Star doubling the amount of content available on Disney+, along with original shows such as WandaVision and The Mandalorian, there’s never been a better time to subscribe to the streaming service.

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